Bob Dolan - Human Resources Strategy

What I do can be stated pretty simply: I help organizations align Senior Talent with Long-Term Strategy.

Clients engage my services for a variety of reasons. Often they feel a part of their business has been underperforming. They may have concerns about governance or succession planning. Some are restruc­turing or completing an acquisition.

The common thread is a need for expert counsel on staffing effectively to meet future goals. I get to know clients’ pressing issues, assess the capabilities required for success, determine whether these can be developed from within and, if necessary, execute searches to recruit the best people available.

What differentiates my practice is the fact that I’ve sat on clients’ side of the table and faced their problems firsthand. I’ve executed complex organizational strategies both as an executive and as an outside advisor.

Like all long-time practitioners, I’m fluent in HR – but I prefer the everyday language of business. I tell senior executives what I think they need to hear, without jargon or padding. And then I help navigate a practical solution through any internal obstacles to make sure it actually happens.